Full Range of Services, Including:

  • Bank to Bank Wire Transfers.
  • Factor one invoice or as many as you need
  • No Financial Statements Necessary
  • Funding Provided in 24 Hours

    When you complete your work for a customer, that is, deliver your goods or perform your service, what do you have? An open invoice that you need cash for now! We will purchase your invoices to your creditworthy customers, and give you immediate CA$H!

    Quantum finances thousands of receivables from both the commercial and government sector. No financial statements are necessary. Quantum only needs your creditworthy accounts receivable to give you the cash that you need to fund your business.

    With Quantum you get:

    You can receive cash NOW (within 24-48 hours) for your invoices, instead of waiting 30-60-90 days...allowing your business to turn over more profits!

    You can sell only those invoices you choose to. When you sell invoices and which invoices you sell is your choice entirely.

    We will advance up to 70% of the face value of your invoices (up to 60% for the construction industry). The reserve of 30-40% is adjusted and paid as soon as we receive payment for the invoice so that you receive 100 cents on the dollar (less the discount fee).

    No Creation of Debt
    You are not borrowing money, you are selling an asset. There are no monthly payments or balloon payments in the future.

    To learn how we can arrange to give you immediate cash for your invoices, call or email us today. One of our highly knowledgeable professionals will be pleased to show you how we can help your business now.

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