"A Private Banker" in its truest sense

The term private banking is bandied about quite often today by the consumer banking industry looking to get you to give them your deposits. To them, the privileges associated with being a private-banking client, typically consists of no more than free checking, and not having to stand in line to make a deposit. If you're lucky, they may even offer up an occasional free cappuccino too.

In our opinion, true private banking has nothing to do with free checking accounts, or even cappuccino. It has to do with the ability of a client to sit down with an expert, a financial engineer, who is a decision maker, and who can help figure out ways to soundly, put "the bank's" capital into your business. Capital that can help management exploit growth opportunities and prosper. When executed correctly, this is a value added service, and a service well worth paying a premium for. It is also the kind of service that we at Quantum Corporate Funding, have been performing successfully for thousands of clients since 1991.